Zoe Colley

​​Prep Teacher

Zoe's journey into education was inspired by her own first day of school. She fondly recalls her teacher, Miss Moore, who transformed learning into a thrilling adventure and made her classroom a place filled with fun. It was Miss Moore's approach that shaped Zoe’s aspirations to become an educator.

For Zoe, being a part of Christ the King School isn’t just about teaching - it’s about being part of a special community. When asked to describe the essence of Christ the King School in a single word, she explained, "Coming up with only one word is near impossible, but the attributes that come to mind are accepting, loving, family and community." 

In the classroom, Zoe's passion truly shines when teaching English. She delights in nurturing her students as they learn to read and write and develop their love for books and stories. Julia Donaldson's tales are her go-to when reading to her class, while her personal favourites growing up included the magical realms of Roald Dahl and Harry Potter.

Zoe feels incredibly fortunate to be part of a close-knit team at Christ the King explaining, “We all work passionately alongside one another, always aiming to create a positive and inclusive school environment.”

“Together, we make it our mission to uplift each other, ensuring that everyone feels genuinely supported and valued.”

Outside of school, Zoe is an adventurer at heart. Her weekends are often filled with family excursions to places like Sea World and Australia Zoo. She also enjoys finding solace in nature, reading, watching movies, taking scenic road trips, and keeping active with pilates. And of course, nothing compares to cherished long walks with her dog, Gary. 

Having devoted seven incredible years to Christ the King School, Zoe has made a lasting impact on her students and the wider school community. Every child who has passed through her class carries with them memories of her dedication, warmth, and passion for teaching.​