The Connected Curriculum

In pursuit of the goals of lifelong learning each child at CTK will participate in an outcomes approach to learning. An outcomes approach is built on the belief that all children will achieve expected educational outcomes over time, given a broad range of opportunities within a variety of contexts. Outcomes beyond those expected to be achieved will become goals for many children. Our program is both rigorous and flexible to enable such opportunities.

The ‘Connected Curriculum’ refers to the structure of our school curriculum program, where learning outcomes from across the nine Key Learning Areas are drawn together to create specific units of work that are planned around the needs of each child. Together with daily Literacy and Numeracy skill development, these units form the basis of the School’s Curriculum Program.

The nine Key Learning Areas are:

  • Religious Education
  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Health and Physical Education
  • The Arts
  • Science
  • Cultural Literacy and Languages
  • Information and Communication Technologies
  • HASS

Learning Teams at CTK

Teachers at CTK approach children’s learning in teams. Each team of teachers plan and work closely together, within a context specific to their area of the school.

The Early Years Team (Prep - Yr 3) have early socialisation and the establishment of essential literacy and numeracy skills as their primary focus.

The Upper Years ​Team (Yrs 4,5,&6) aim to expand children’s thinking to explore the world beyond themselves and to establish a thirst for knowledge while building skills that will enable them to access a range of communication and investigation tools. Self-directed learning and goal setting are key aims for these students.

Religious Education

As a Brisbane Catholic Education school we have a structured RE Program that aims to give children Religious Literacy. The program enables children to learn about the Catholic Tradition and to use this process to reflect upon their own spiritual growth.

Cultural Literacy and Languages

A high quality Japanese language and culture program occurs in Years 5 and 6.

Visual Arts

An excellent specialist Classroom Art Program operates from Prep. This program directly follows the Australian Curriculum. Samples of children’s work can be seen around the school.

Enrichment Program

The following activities and courses are currently offered as extra opportunities to all students (depending on age appropriateness) as a means of enriching their learning experience:

  • Debating
  • Public Speaking;
  • Maths Olympiad; and
  • Chess Club.
  • Extra-curricular Activities

External groups currently

Information Literacy and Technology

All children have access to a network of computers throughout the school incorporating both a computer lab in the Library and computers in each classroom. Each classroom is networked to a central server in the school.

Information technology is but one of the technologies accessed within the learning environment at CTK and as such is not seen as a goal within itself. Computers are valuable tools that are used creatively at CTK to enhance children’s learning outcomes. Our students are taught how to use the internet critically and efficiently within research and problem solving processes. The application of a range of software and use of email are also part of our information literacy program.

Health and Physical Education

HPE is an important classroom program within the school’s Connected Curriculum. Together with the classroom component children are provided with a developmental skills program in a variety of sports. In Prep, Years 1 and 2 simple skill and gross motor development is the priority. In Year 3 modified games are workshopped with students and in Years 4-6 all students are involved in interschool competitions. All students are also given the opportunity to represent the district in a variety of sports.

The following sports make up part of the school HPE program:

  • Swimming (Yrs 1-6)
  • Athletics (Prep - Yr 6)
  • Motor Program (Prep - Yr 2)
  • Workshops in Basketball, Softball/Baseball, Soccer, and Newcombe Ball (Yrs 3-6)
  • Inter-school games – Soccer, Netball, Cricket, Softball, Volleyball and Tennis (Yrs 4-6)
  • Sequential Outdoor Education Program (Camp) Yrs 5-6

Reconciliation through Education

Within the Connected Curriculum students learn about Australian Indigenous cultures and celebrate important events such as Sorry Day, NAIDOC Week and Aboriginal Children’s Day.