Extracurricular Activities

​​​​​​There are a range of extracurricular activities available to Christ the King School students that are delivered by external providers. We encourage you to contact the company directly for more information and for bookings.


​Chess is run every Monday at 1 pm in the Music Room. The Chess teachers are from Chess Mates, who will invoice parents for each student participating.

For more information:
P. 1300 243 776
E. info@chestmates.com.au

​Crafternoons with Artlet

​Facilitated by former primary school teacher, graphic designer and mum, Georgina McDonald, Crafternoons are the perfect opportunity for students to let go and have fun through art processes and play. 

Artlet’s creative workshops ignite and nurture creativity, enhance mindset and encourage focus and appreciation of self and the world around us. 

During the Crafternoons, students explore-develop-apply art processes and techniques. Children use a range of media, tools and textiles in a fun and safe environment. It all culminates in a final art piece to showcase and take home.

Crafternoons are open to students from Prep to Year 6. 

The classes are run on Tuesdays from 2:50pm–4:15pm, starting Tuesday, 18 July.

Cost:​​ $180 per student for a seven-week program, payable upon registration​. ​

For more information contact Georgina MacDonald:
E. artletkids@gmail.com

​Drama Club

Drama Club is open to students from Prep to Year 6. Sessions are run by Speak Up Studio. Classes are aimed at boosting your child's confidence, improving communication and unleashing creativity. 

Juniors (Prep to Year 2) are run in the School Library on Mondays from 3pm–3:45pm

Seniors (Year 3 to Year 6) are in the School Library on Mondays from 3:45pm–4:30pm.

Cost: $231 per student per term, payable upon re​gistration

For more information: 
P. 07 3367 8572
E. info@speakupstudio.com.au

Instrumental Lessons​

​​Conducted by Symphony Music, these lessons are a user-pays opportunity where students can learn an instrument.

For more information:  
P. 1300 153 331 
E. assist@symphonymusic.com.au

Learn to Jump Rope with World Rope Skipping Champion – Luke Boon

Spend time learning how to jump rope with 28-time World Jump Rope Champion, Luke Boon.

Jump Force International's 'Learn to Jump Rope with Luke Boon' program is designed to teach children the art of jump rope, through dynamic, challenging and fun skills-based learning.

The five-week program commencing Thursday, 3 August from 7:15am to 8:15am will introduce students to single rope skills, long rope and Double Dutch skills, speed and double-unders, partner and team skills.

Learn to Jump Rope sessions are open to students aged five to 12 years.

Cost: $89 +GST per student, payable upon registration.

​Martial Arts for Children with Chikara Martial Arts

​Chikara Martial Arts (CMA) has been teaching Brisbane's western suburbs four major styles of martial arts for more than 25 years. Head Instructor and CMA owner, Kyl Reber, and his team are committed to teaching their students not just how to be a fantastic martial artist, but to be an example to themselves and the community of the benefits of martial arts training.

The Martial Arts for Children program at CTK School in Term 3 will run over five weeks. It will include an overview of not just the physical components of martial arts, but will use the principles of martial arts to teach children about resilience and how to focus in all aspects of their young lives.

The techniques and drill sets will be taken from Muay Thai, Karate and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, with a major emphasis on when is the right time to use these techniques, when is the wrong time, and who we protect with these techniques. Students will have fun and hopefully be inspired by the classes.

Martial Arts for Children at CTK School is suitable for students in Prep to Year 6 and is strictly limited to 30 students. The first class commences Wednesday, 9 August from 3pm to 4pm.​ The sessions will be held at the Prep Turf Area. Classes will run on Wednesdays 9, 23 and 30 August, as well as 6 and 13 September.

Cost: $150 per student, payable upon registration.