A fortnight of celebration and ritual

​​Christ the King School is fortunate to have an outstanding group of Year 6 students to lead our school community in 2024. On Friday, 9 February, our Year 6 students took part in a beautiful leadership induction liturgy with their parents where students were commissioned into this important role.​ 

We look forward to seeing their wonderful gifts and talents used to guide younger CTK School students through the year. 

Well done Year 6.

​The Parent Portal Mobile App – BCE Connect

Parents at CTK are great users of our Parent Portal. The Parent Portal is a website consisting of key parent information and engagement opportunities at our school. Our parents are regularly on the portal for things like reporting a student absence; update contact details; looking at class pages; and accessing academic reports. 

For most busy parents, the device that you most frequently have access to is probably a mobile one such as a smartphone or tablet. To get quick and easy access to the Parent Portal, Brisbane Catholic Education suggest downloading the Parent Portal App called 'BCE Connect'. It is closely integrated with the portal to provide parents with this valuable information in a mobile application. 

BCE Connect Features
  • Announcements – Messaging service direct to our community.  
  • My Students – Key information relating to your children.
  • My Details – Allow users to see and update their personal details online.
  • Absence Reporting – With a few simple clicks, users can notify the school of an upcoming absence. 
  • Calendar – Users stay up to date of all the key dates in the schools Calendar. 
  • Blogs – (Class and Services Pages) Makes learning visible and promotes the celebrations in our community through an online blog. 
  • Paperless permission forms – View and complete Parent Slips. 
We encourage all our families to set up BCE connect. To do this, simply follow the steps below or watch the clip below.

Parking Before School​​

A reminder for our parents and caregivers, particularly for families with children in younger grades, that our Pick-up and Drop-off area on Addison Road is not for parking. From 7am to 9am and from 2pm to 4pm this area is signed as a Loading Zone, therefore drivers must stay with their vehicles. 

If you need to walk your child into school, please drive around the corner to find a park in Churchill Street. This way our Stop, Drop and Go Zone is not disrupted for other families. 

Thanks to all families for your support in keeping all our families safe.

From the Assistant Principal Religious Education

Ash Wednesday

Today marks the beginning of the season of Lent. During the 40 days of Lent, it is a time to reset our spiritual focus, a time for renewal and a time to prepare for Easter. The season of Lent is a time for Christians to reflect on their faith and relationship with God. During the Lenten period through prayer, fasting, and acts of charity, Christians seek to grow closer to God and to prepare themselves for the joyous celebration of Easter. 

Try to think of how you can make a difference through Lent. Today students from Christ the King School and St Joseph’s, Corinda gathered together for a combined Liturgy for Ash Wednesday. During the Liturgy, each class received their Project Compassion collection box and purple prayer cloth. 

It was beautiful to witness the wonderfully reverent behaviour of all students from both schools. Students and guests received an ash cross on the forehead by and were asked by a Year 6 leader to, “Turnaway from sin and follow the Gospel”. Father Mark reminded the students that Lent is not only a time for making sacrifices, but it can be a time to do something new or add something good to your life. We will continue to encourage our students to make positive changes and additions to their life throughout Lent. 

Many thanks to Father Mark for leading our community.


Shrove Tuesday – Launch of Caritas Australia Project Compassion

This week, the season of Lent begins with Ash Wednesday, which also marks the beginning of the annual Caritas Australia Project Compassion Appeal. Donations to Project Compassion allow Caritas Australia, the Catholic Agency for International Aid and Development, to work with local communities around the world to end poverty, promote justice and uphold dignity. 

Please give generously to Caritas Australia this Lenten season and help vulnerable people around the world, now and for all future generations.

With your support, Caritas Australia has been able to assist communities around the world through income generation, water and sanitation, food security, education and disaster risk reduction programs. 

Project Compassion 2024 reminds us that the good we do today will extend and impact the lives of generations to come. Together, we can help vulnerable communities face their challenges today and build a better tomorrow.​

You can donate through Project Compassion donation boxes and online by scanning the QR Code, or by calling 1800 024 413. 



Prayer for the Commencement of Lent

​​Ever loving God

Guide us as we journey through the Season of Lent.

Bless us over these forty days.

Be with us in the desert places of our lives

and fill our hearts with longing for Easter joy.

We ask this in Jesus's name. Amen.

Damien Sullivan