Imminent changes to the P&F Association structure

​Brisbane Catholic Education and Catholic School Parents Queensland have advised that BCE Parents and Friends Associations will soon no longer be covered by insurance and may need to consider restructuring to continue operating.

​​Christ the King School and the school's P&F Association were informed by Brisbane Catholic Education (BCE) and Catholic School Parents Queensland (CSPQ) that due to a change in BCE insurer, BCE P&F Associations that have their own ABN and are registered with the Australian Charities and Not-for-Profits Commission (which applies to Christ the King School's P&F Association) will soon no longer be covered under BCE insurance and would be required to seek their own insurances to continue to operate in its current format.

The proposed solution to this situation is that the P&F Association, in its current format, be dissolved and re-established in a new model as a ‘committee’ of the school, to be called a P&F Advisory Group. It would operate with an executive and make decisions in conjunction with the principal. This transition, which would include the adoption of a revised charter, would allow for all P&F operations to be covered by BCE insurance. 

A key change with this proposed approach is that the funds currently held by the P&F Association would be transferred to the school and would sit in a specific ‘P&F’ account, with any expenditure from this account requiring endorsement from the P&F President/Executive to be spent. The principal would also assume responsibility for reporting on the finances at Advisory Group meetings.

This is obviously a significant change from the current structure in which we operate at CTK School, and there are a number of key considerations that the Executive are working through with the School.

One of these considerations is that the Uniform Shop, currently run by the P&F Association, would become the responsibility of the school. The P&F, in consultation with the school, are currently looking at various options for the future of the Uniform Shop, including an off-site supplier, due to our current convenor finishing up at the end of this year.

At the next P&F Association general meeting on Tuesday, 16 July, this topic will be a priority item on the agenda. The P&F Association Executive and CTK School Principal, Mr Sullivan, will talk through the proposed new approach, including consideration of other options, what possible impact there might be and the suggested way forward. The future of the Uniform Shop will also be discussed.

It is anticipated that after this discussion on Tuesday, 16 July, a special general meeting of the P&F Association would be held in the weeks following for members (all CTK School parents) to vote on the proposed way forward and associated actions to be undertaken.

We invite all those who would like to find out more or have any questions to attend the meeting on Tuesday, 16 July at 6:30pm in the CTK School Library. Please also feel free to speak with Tegan Russell or Kate Blumke or email the P&F Association​.

CTK School and the current P&F Association is working closely to ensure this transition will be as smooth as possible and that all factors have been considered to ensure the P&F can continue to support our school and deliver positive outcomes for our students, as it has proudly done for many years.​​