​Nurturing hearts and inspiring minds. 


At Christ the King School, we believe in providing a holistic learning experience that prepares our students for life. Our dedicated and caring educators take the time to get to know our students including their academic, social, emotional, physical and spiritual needs, to provide a child-centred​ and innovative curriculum that fosters a love of learning and the building blocks for academic success.

We believe learning is ongoing and achieved through many contexts and life experiences. We have a strong focus on developing positive relationships between educators, students and their families to achieve the best possible outcomes for our students.

​Enrolment process


Are you ready to enrol your child in an inclusive school environment, where they will feel valued, included and supported to thrive academically and socially?​ 

We are pleased to offer a quick online application process for families who wish to enrol at Christ the King School. Click on the 'learn more' button below for more information about our process including documentation required to support your application and frequently asked questions. 


​​​​School Fees​​​

At Christ the King School, we firmly believe that your child's education should not come at the expense of financial stability. That's why we are dedicated to providing exceptional value for your investment in their future. Our affordable fees ensure that families can give their children an outstanding education without compromising financial well-being. 

Click on the 'learn more' button below to learn more about our fee structure.



Locate us​​



​Christ the King School 

7 Randolph​ Street, Graceville

P. 07 3379 7872

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