Teacher Professional Learning

At the beginning of each school year the school community sets short term goals based on our School Renewal Plan. These goals focus on aspects of the curriculum, resourcing, community building, administration and capital works/maintenance.

Expenditure on and teacher participation in Professional Learning

The total funds expended on teacher professional learning in 2014 was $40000
The major professional development initiatives were as follows:
1.Opportunities were given to staff to engage with their peers in professional dialogue to improve numeracy and literacy teaching across the school.
2. Identifying, monitoring and catering for improved educational outcomes for students with diverse needs.
3. Improved pedagogical practice through mentoring, coaching, goal setting and feedback
4. Leadership opportunities through school initiatives – Visible Learning, Design Thinking and Kidsmatter

Professional development priorities align with the yearly school curriculum goals. In 2014 our staff have accessed a wide range of professional development opportunities to further develop their understanding of literacy and mathematical development in young people and to implement a range of technologies in their teaching and learning activities. We have determined that our priorities for professional development will focus on Visile Learning, Design Thinking and Kidsmatter.

The staff has continued its professional learning in understanding the Presentation Sisters' Charism and how it may be applied to the school setting. The continuation of the CTK Mini Vinnies has been a direct result of this professional learning.

Professional sharing opportunities to discuss student performance levels with other schools in our local area have also be prioritised for 2015.

Staff Profile

Workforce Composition                             Teaching Staff                   Non-teaching Staff
Headcounts                                                         23                                           15
Full-time equivalents                                        16.7                                        7.2
Indigenous                                                            0                                              0

Qualifications of all teachers

Highest level of attainment                       Percentage of teachers and leaders at the school attaining this level
Masters                                                                                23%
Post Graduate Diploma/Certificate                                27%
Bachelors Degree                                                              45%
Diploma/Certificate                                                            5%