Social Climate of CTK

Life, Love and Learning Policy

As CTK community members we share beliefs and values and grow together through shared experiences. This policy outlines how the values espoused in our Mission guide us in our teaching and management of behaviour and relationships to truly make CTK a place of life, love and learning.

Our policy framework is that of a pyramid. Our strength and ability to support each other in learning and growing comes from our solid foundation of positive relationships and the creation of a community in which we can all belong. Our expectations regarding rights and responsibilities are clearly stated and lived each day through our school code and class and playground rules.

Our students are taught the skills they need to develop and maintain friendships and respectful working relationships and we recognise and celebrate their achievements in these areas. When necessary we provide more intensive support interventions so that everyone can experience feeling safe, being valued and achieving as a learner at CTK.

Our School Emblem: For Life, Love and Learning

The school emblem and motto were developed in recent years to give a modern symbol to the mission of our school. The emblem is an expression of the School Mission Statement. The central figure represents the adult partners; teachers, parents and support staff, who are committed to the educational, personal and spiritual growth of each child at Christ the King School. The highlighted hearts symbolise the spirit of love and care that permeate the school's approach to the education of our students.

Our motto, For Life, Love and Learning, is congruous with the emblem as it articulates our school goals. These goals are:

  • To develop in each child the thirst and skills for lifelong learning;
  • By our actions, to enable children to experience God's love; and
  • To provide quality learning outcomes for each child.

Social climate inclusive of pastoral care and our response to bullying

At CTK we provide a positive, safe learning environment within which we assist the growth and development of each child. This environment is achieved: 
  1. By being available when a child needs help, care or attention
  2. By encouraging children and reinforcing positive behaviour and success
  3. By ensuring that classroom and lunch-time activities are safe and adequately supervised
  4. By creating a stimulating environment for children that provides opportunities for challenging exploration, skill development, discovery and experimentation and
  5. By having high expectations of all children.
The school has a bullying policy. Bullying is dealt with immediately and firmly at CTK because it is ‘unacceptable behaviour that is incongruent with the values of the school’. Where an incident occurs it is used as a learning opportunity for all involved. A copy of the policy is available at the school office.