Engaging Parental Involvement

One of the great strengths of CTK is the level of community spirit and parent involvement in the school. Our school welcomes your enthusiastic participation. The following avenues exist for parents who like to get their hands dirty:
     * Attend parent/teacher meetings;
     * Play an active role in the Parents and Friends Association/School Board or other parent groups;
     * Attend school Masses and Liturgies;
     * Attend the many and varied social events that are organised throughout the year

Volunteer your services in the following ways:
     * Provide assistance in the library;
     * Take small groups of children or individuals for reading;
     * Use your skills to help in the classroom or on class excursionsAt CTK we are aim to create a happy and secure school community which embraces our shared cultures and promotes a strong commitment to social justice. We strive to include and involve all members of our community in a range of ways:


  • Welcome BBQ, Café CTK
  • Fete/Family Fun Day
  • Combined activities with St Joseph’s Catholic School


  • Newsletter, Assemblies etc
  • Communicating behaviour policy to parents
  • Drawing from talents/knowledge of wider community (e.g. school clubs, special visitors, parish

Support Structures

  • Student Focus groups
  • Parent helpers - classroom
  • IEP Conferences


  • Parish newsletter sent home
Parent, student and teacher satisfaction with the school
Brisbane Catholic Education has conducted an external review of our school which involved an independent panel reviewing the operation of CTK and soliciting direct feedback from staff, students and parents on a number of aspects including engagement with the school community, educational and social outcomes and the school's strategic direction.

We are pleased to advise that the independent review panel "experienced a sense of vitality, collaboration and 'ownership' of this school community and genuine willingness on the part of school leadership to listen and to be inclusive of a range of viewpoints."

The report particularly highlighted the opportunities provided by the school for parents to become engaged with the strategy and goal development of CTK. The report was also complimentary of the personal approach taken by staff to students and the professionalism of teachers in their work.
Students that were engaged by the panel indicated that they are challenged positively by teachers and provided with opportunities to work at "the next level" of learning.