Distinctive Curriculum Offerings

Religious Education

As a Brisbane Catholic Education school we have a structured RE Program that aims to develops children’s religious literacy. The program enables children to learn about the Catholic Tradition and to use this process to reflect upon their own spiritual growth.

Cultural Literacy and Languages

A high quality Japanese language and culture program occurs from years 5 to 6.

Performing Arts

The program comprises a specialist classroom Performing Arts course for all year levels including dance, music and drama components.


An instrumental program, including private and group lessons, is offered to children from Prep to Yr 6. A school choir is also available.

Visual Arts

An excellent specialist Classroom Art Program operates from Prep to Yr 6. This program is sequential and samples of children's work can be seen around the school.

Enrichment Program

Activities such as the following are offered as extra opportunities to all students (depending on age appropriateness) as a means of enriching their learning experience: Debating; Public Speaking; Maths Olympiad; and Chess Club.

Information & Communication Technology

CTK utilises technologies to assist with the delivery of curriculum. Each classroom is fitted with an interactive whiteboard, and equipped with desktop computers. From year 4, our students have access to individual laptops which they use both at home and at school. Our Early Year classes share sets of laptops and ipads to assist in teaching and learning.
CTK is part of a large learning community with strong partnerships between students, teachers, families and the wider community. Curriculum is focused on relevance, understanding, rigour and depth,engaging all students in authentic learning. ICT capabilities are integral to improved learning outcomes that enable young people to engage effectively with and work in an increasingly complex world.
Innovative and effective use of ICT is transforming pedagogies, empowering teachers and support
staff to focus on student-centred active and interactive learning.
Information and Communication technologies will complement the existing school curriculum by providing appropriate digital learning tools in balance with more traditional learning tools.
The goals of the curriculum are supported, not supplanted, by the use of these technologies. Students will use ICTs where they serve a purpose and the use of these technologies will vary significantly from day to day dependent upon purpose.

Reconciliation through Education

Within the Connected Curriculum students learn about Australian Indigenous cultures and celebrate important events such as Sorry Day, NAIDOC Week and Aboriginal Children's Day.