Annual Reporting Attendance and Retention

Average Staff Attendance

The teacher attendance rate for CTK for the 2014 year based on teacher absences of between 1 and five days is 97.75%.

Teacher Retention Rates

From the end of the 2013 school year, 97.36% of staff were retained by the school
for the 2014 year.


Average Student Attendance Rate

Prep Attendance Rate                              N/A
Year 1 Attendance Rate                            97%
Year 2 Attendance Rate                            95%
Year 3 Attendance Rate                            98%
Year 4 Attendance Rate                            96%
Year 5 Attendance Rate                            94%
Year 6 Attendance Rate                            97%
Year 7 Attendance Rate                            96%

Policy and practice to manage student attendance

 At Christ the King School we use the following to manage student attendance:
1. We have established a positive school culture with a welcoming, safe and supportive school environment that promotes student  engagement with learning, student wellbeing and positive relationships. This includes the  implementation of processes and programs which develop social and emotional skills, peer tutoring  and mentoring, and anti-bullying strategies. We also foster positive home- school partnerships to assist parents to support their child’s attendance at school.
2. We have developed school attendance policy and procedures that promote high expectations of student attendance. The policy includes clear expectations  about attendance.
3. We record and follow up student absences
4. We monitor student non-attendance and patterns of non-attendance and take further action to support student attendance.