Volunteer Work

Volunteers, be they parents or friends of Christ The King are very welcome and a critical part of daily school life. Through involvement in classroom help, craft, tuckshop, uniform shop, P&F, School Board, working bees, fundraising, or many other volunteer roles, your assistance enhances the quality of teaching and learning that we provide.

All volunteers must be trained in Student protection and Safety protocols before they can lend their skills and services within the community. By undertaking the training through a home based module, parents, grandparents and friends can agree to a code of conduct and register as a volunteer in our school.

Some Background

Training of Volunteers is now mandatory in Queensland under The Commission for Children and Young People and Child Guardian (CCYPCG) Act. Most of these training expectations are in relation to Child Protection and exist for the good of all students in our care. There are some very specific expectations on schools in relation to Volunteers who work in the school. These are set out below. All volunteers, here at Christ The King, parents or not, must complete steps 1 to 4.

  1. All volunteers must be registered with the school. This is done by completing and signing a 'Volunteer Register Sheet'.
  2. All volunteers must be provided with a 'Volunteers Code of Conduct' which they must follow.
  3. All volunteers must sign a 'Volunteers Suitability Declaration'.
  4. All volunteers must register/sign on when working as a volunteer in the school.
  5. All volunteers must complete a study of the Brisbane Catholic Education Student Protection Handbook and sign the Volunteer Student Protection Information Sign off attached to the Handbook. This acknowledges that they have read and understood the handbook and that they understand their reporting responsibilities as a volunteer.

Non-Parent Volunteers (this includes grandparents of school students)

All non-parent volunteers at our school must also undergo employment screening and receive a Positive Notice Blue Card for Volunteers. This positive notice is now an essential requirement, under the Queensland Legislation, before volunteering can occur for you within our school.

Along with this card, you must undergo the Student Protection training mentioned above and complete the various documents to ensure you and the school comply with the requirements for Volunteers regarding Student Protection under current legislation.

Once registered volunteers may become involved in the range of volunteer tasks we regularly advertise through newsletters, class bulletins and notice boards. Volunteers are asked to sign in on every occasion they work in our school. Sign In books for volunteers are located in each classroom, the library, tuckshop, mowing shed, office, uniform shop, tuckshop and at the fete.


School Volunteer Register Sheet (yellow form) 

Brisbane Catholic Education's Statement of Principles

Volunteer Code of Conduct

Volunteer Student Protection Handbook