Behaviour Management

Managing the Learning Environment

At CTK we provide a positive, safe learning environment within which we assist the growth and development of each child. This environment is achieved:

  • Through assertive discipline;
  • By being available when a child needs help, care or attention;
  • By encouraging children and reinforcing positive behaviour and success;
  • By ensuring that classroom and lunch-time activities are safe and adequately supervised;
  • By creating a stimulating environment for children that provides opportunities for challenging exploration, skill development, discovery and experimentation; and
  • By having high expectations of all children.

Assertive Discipline

Assertive discipline is a process of managing children’s behaviour by immediate and consistent enforcement of clearly established ground rules within the positive school climate outlined above.

By managing children’s behaviour clearly and positively we teach children to relate the values of respect and dignity with their actions. Understanding limits and managing one’s own behaviour are important life-long goals.

  • Children’s behaviour at CTK is managed using combinations of the following:
  • Positive reinforcement schedules, e.g. stickers, charts, awards and rewards;
  • Teaching class and school rules and the values underpinning them;
  • Mediation, de-briefing, directed discussions;
  • Use of clear, calm directions and positive, respectful interactions with children;
  • Use of graduated time-out when necessary; and
  • Implementation of an individual behaviour program where an ongoing serious behaviour need exists.

School Rules

There are three school rules that are easily learned and identified by students. The rules are:

  • Respect Self;
  • Respect Others;
  • Respect Property.

CTK Rules and Values Song

Play if safe in the right place
While you eat sit on your seat
Want to play? Wear a hat today.
Speak to please not to tease
Hands are for helping not for hurting.

At CTK we have rules and values that teach us how to live.
Spread happiness, build security, be positive.
Be respectful, value others, love like Jesus did.
Be a good team player an honest hard worker,
Care for your mates, be a life long learner.
It’s how we live our day here at CTK.


The school has a whole school behavioural support plan. Bullying is dealt with immediately and firmly at CTK because it is ‘unacceptable behaviour that is incongruent with the values of the school’. Where an incident occurs it is used as a learning opportunity for all involved. A copy of the plan is available through the link below. ​

Whole School Behaviour Support Plan